Workforce strategy, planning & change management

Harnessing the distributed, flexible workforce

Embracing the future of work

Leadership for a digital, flexible workforce

People strategy

Resource planning

Workforce transition planning

Organizational change management

Workforce performance management


Workforce assessment

Current vs. Target state baselining

Knowledge & skills assessment

Organization models

Knowledge and skill baselining

Targeting deficiencies

On-site and remote testing


Workforce transformation

People, process, technology optimization

Policies, procedures, controls refresh

Workforce compliance management – regulatory, corporate

Human capital/workforce model

Operating model

Organization model


Workforce acquisition & management

Contingent workforce management

Internal workforce management

Virtual workforce management

Regulatory compliance with a flexible workforce

Candidate due diligence

360 degree insight (technical, behaviorial, background)

Background checks

Technical knowledge & skill validation

Behavorial assessment

Knowledge and skill baselining

Targeting deficiencies

On-site and remote testing

Skill gap closure


Workforce training

Skill gap closure – targeted resolution

Future of work

Changing old workforce mindsets

Positioning leadership to lead with a flexible workforce


Workforce productivity

Flexible work arrangements

Effective collaboration with a remote workforce

Performance measures and management

How to effectively manage a contingent worker

Do’s & don’ts of contingent workforce management


Workforce agility

Periodic workforce assessment

Industry trends

Adapting skill baselines

Adapting organization models

Adapting operating models