Modernize MeOptimize your workforce today, while preparing for the workplace of tomorrow

  • Workforce Strategy in a New Age
  • Resource Planning – Just-in-Time Quality
  • Dealing with Disruptors – A Digital, Flexible Workplace
  • Harnessing a Distributed, Flexible Workforce 
  • Workforce Assessment
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Vendor Management & Supplier Diversity
  • Third-Party Risk Management
  • Measuring & Optimizing Workforce Performance

Find MeDetermine resource needs and acquire the right candidate (expertise, location, employment type, etc.) at the right time and price

  • Talent Planning
  • Job Postings (Catalog Management)
  • Fast and Effective Hiring
  • Vendor Contracting
  • Rate Card Optimization

Trust MeEstablish confidence in the ability, strength and integrity of your candidate

  • Hire Right – for better Candidate Due Diligence
  • Credentialing/Background Check
  • Knowledge-Skill-Competency Testing (Onsite & Remote)
  • Job-Cultural Fit Assessment
  • Skill Gap Rating and Remediation Plan
  • Compliance

Train MeDeliver targeted training to resolve deficiencies and maintain workforce productivity

  • Technical Skill Development
  • Soft Skill Development
  • Effectively Communicating Resource Needs
  • Managing a Flexible Workforce
  • Working Effectively in a Flexible Work Arrangement
  • Adapting to a Digital Workplace
  • It’s Progress – Debunking the Fear of Change
  • Performance Management: Defining & Managing to Clear Expectations
  • Understanding Workforce Compliance

Support MeMaintain an efficient and well-controlled workforce

  • Onboarding to Offboarding
  • Skill Baselining and Assessment
  • Performance Baselining and Assessment
  • Work Submission & Approval (T&E, Deliverable, Milestone)
  • Invoice Validation
  • Reporting and Transparency
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Compliance

Transform MeSmart investment to ensure your workforce evolves to meet changing demands

  • Future of Work: Skill-Competency Testing and Gap Assessment
  • Periodic Workforce Assessment: Objective Input to Performance Reviews
  • Tactical Skill Gap Rating, Remediation Planning and Closure
  • Changing Old Workforce Mindsets
  • Adapting Policies, Procedures & Controls for a Digital, Flexible Workforce
  • Workforce Compliance Model