At Anthem Minds, we are changing obsolete methods to attract, hire and manage talent with solutions that help companies optimize workforce management today – and meet the changing human capital demands of tomorrow.

Companies are no longer relying solely on traditional, full-time employees. Today, one-third of US workers are contingent labor – growing to half by 2020.

Successful companies see the shift to a more flexible, digital workforce and are thinking about talent in new ways. They are adapting old mindsets and changing how they do business to capitalize on the new virtual, flexible workforce. 

Yet, many companies struggle with workforce challenges such as effective hiring, flexible work arrangements, talent management, and working in an increasingly digital environment.

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Anthem Minds is an innovative workforce solutions company that enables organizations to substantially improve their ability to hire, manage and optimize the skilled, top-quality talent that’s essential to meet the business demands of today – and tomorrow. 


We understand the challenges of making the right decision-to-hire, whether temporary or long term, with limited time and armed with little more than a subjective resume, a few interviews and other antiquated hiring techniques. 


Once in the door, we’re sensitive to the high resource-turnover rate and often missed performance expectations of management – particularly as the business and industry evolve and the regulatory environment becomes more complex.


Today’s companies need a better way to know, manage and grow their prospective and onboard talent – efficiently and cost effectively. They need:


  • An organization that is equipped to manage and operate within an increasingly digital, virtual environment
  • Trusted information to validate the candidate and inform the hiring decision
  • Means to quickly and efficiently resolve skill, behavioral and other performance deficiencies
  • Ability to evolve their workforce to keep pace with the future of work


At Anthem Minds, our workforce management solutions enable organizations to acquire and maintain the top-quality, flexible talent they need, when they need it, and at the best price -- without being distracted by technology, supplier, compliance, and other critical labor management functions.